The Brand‘s Essence

Photo by Jake Bradley on Unsplash

We experience brands every waking second of the day. From the moment our iPhone goes off to the instance we pour our favorite cereal (if you eat cereal), we are wrapped up in a brand‘s essence. It is the essence that captures our hearts to invest parts of our lives with a brand, but for it to have an impact the brand needs to fully understand its voice, image, and emotion.

The Master‘s Voice

The brand‘s voice is what people hear and listen to when it comes to their interactions with the brand. From advertising language to customer representatives, the voice of the brand is a key component in how it attracts its audience.


It is crucial for the brand‘s voice to be consistent. The values it expresses and its characteristics it shows off, they all need to be aligned with everything that the brand is involved with. You cannot have consistency if your company expresses eco-friendliness, and the CEO is destroying the environment with his business production set-ups–it doesn‘t make sense. It has to make sense.

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Gaining Trust

By realizing what the voice is and expressing cohesiveness, the result should gain the audiences trust. Ideally the audience hears what the brand is saying, they resonate with what it stands for, they see that its values lines up with the message, and then they trust in what the brand is doing to where they commit to investing into it.

The impact and influence of the brand‘s voice is what can make a brand stand out, but it has to be clear and consistent. Once people hear that and are attracted to it, then they start listening more into what the brand is about.


The brand‘s image is what people see throughout their daily lives. The image can be in the form of an advertisement, store location, or through an actual product. It sometimes is the first impression that attracts someone into discovering more about the brand. The brand‘s image is powerful as it can make a memorable impression within people‘s mind that can end up in generating a following.


The main component to a brand‘s image is its identity. The identity is wrapped up in all kinds of representations for the brand to distinguish itself, from the logotype to its marketing materials the brand‘s identity is to be seen from everywhere. The identity should represent everything that the brand is about from its values to the characteristics of the people a part of it; it is something for the audience to resonate with in order to create a memorable impression.

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The identity can make or break how people view the brand. If the representation of the brand comes across as prestigious when they are trying to reach out to a more common type then there will be a disconnect in people‘s associations with it. But, if the design of the identity embodies its true character towards its targeted audiences then an impact can begin to happen.


With so many brands out there trying to gain attention, the identity plays a big part in recognition and distinction. It is what makes people remember, to where a tribe begins to form so that people begin to stand by and choose that brand from over the rest.

Emotion & Experience

The emotions a brand resonates and the experience it creates is what wraps up its voice and image into a nice package. A good experience is what people search for and end up paying for; it is what leads people to preach to their friends and family, and it is what woos them to associate themselves with the brand.


The emotion of a brand is strongly pushed by its visual design. Whether it is the colors the brand uses for its products or its visual direction in how it represents itself; the expression of the brand signifies certain emotions that allow the brand to stand out.

Whenever a brand starts activating emotions through its advertising or experience of a product, people begin to either resonate with the brand or become resistant to it. Regardless of whether someone is attracted or not through the brand, emotion is a key drive into tuning peoples senses toward who the brand is.


When to it comes to how the brand is experienced, there can be a couple ways how this happens. One is if the brand has a specific location (e.g. Ikea, Apple, Nike), and the other is the brand‘s product. When you walk into the brand‘s store or atmosphere, you are dropped into a fine tuned experience that the brand doesn’t want you to forget; being memorable is important here as it gives the opportunity for the people to want to come back for that experience. When the product is experienced, the same thing happens. The brand wants that experience of the product to be as enjoyable as possible to where people want to pay for that experience above others.

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The Value of The Brand

The emotions and experiences a brand creates brings a certain kind of significance to the people‘s mind. When emotion is captured and the experience is strong, people will grant a certain kind of value and even if that value is high the people will still invest. They begin to acquire strong opinions towards that brand, to where it becomes personal.

Mix Well

The ingredients of a coherent voice, refined image, and distinct experience is what can lead to an impactful essence. If mixed in a tasteful balance, the brand can have a powerful influence. But, these ingredients can still be powerful when not used in delicate measures which can lead to a stench that repels audiences rather than attracts. It all comes down to care and knowing the brand. Once there is that clarity, the essence can be irresistible.