Its no coincidence that women and girls are more open to being hit and choked in the bedroom with…
Vicki Wharton

“Unending rise in domestic violence”? Seriously? Please show some proof, because upon searching myself that is a completely unfounded claim with current data showing otherwise. If anything, past generations were far worse in terms of the normalization of domestic violence and sexual assault — remember how it used to be law that you can’t rape a woman if she’s your wife? I’m no fan of some ways that porn has affected culture, and strongly dislike abuse porn, but I find your claim completely untrue and demeaning towards women who simply enjoy certain things in the bedroom. I have had partners who really enjoyed rough sex, but demanded absolute mutual respect on a personal level. It’s totally fine if you aren’t into these kinds of things, but making claims about people who are is a pretty judgmental and unfounded thing to do.