The Columbian Maze

Abel was a small Columbian boy, a boy both quiet and inquisitive. He was raised in the small town of Aracure by two very loving parents. He was an only child, and enjoyed spending most of his time playing in the garden while imagining the spectacular. Abel was, what some would call, a Professional Daydreamer. Now Abel had grown, in fact he was a man now. Abel was 23 when they had taken him, and several years had passed since then.

It’s pitch black, all that can be seen is a flickering, fluorescent beam of light hanging above the towering shelves. There’s a chill in the air, and a slight breeze licks the white tiled floors, chilling Abel’s feet. He paces the length of the edge of the maze, waiting for the ungodly sound he knows will come all too soon. Just another day.

He hears a faint rattle echo across from the other side of the shelving, and then suddenly a crash. A roar echoes through the dark chasm of the grocery store, a roar that Abel can’t attribute to any animal he knows. His heart beats like a drum within his chest as he begins to pace the floor even more nervously. He knows It is coming. It will smell him out and find him. Doubt begins to surface. Then a gong sounds. He sprints. Faster than he ever has before. He weaves in and out of the intricate maze of isles scattered around the complex. Journeying from the outer rim of the store he navigates his way inwards through the labyrinth of shelves. Skidding around corners and sliding under the shelving, he eventually finds what he’s looking for, garden fertiliser. Carefully tracing a circle around himself he begins to pour the soil on the ground. He thinks to himself that maybe, just maybe, this might keep the beast at bay.

Another roar reverberates around the store. Abel’s heart begins to race frantically. He hears loud, heavy footsteps approaching. It sounds as though its running, leaping even. He can almost hear its breath. And suddenly, silence. Abel begins to calm himself. His heart slows and he catches his breath. Then he hears it. A deafening roar from overhead. He looks up, and there It is. The grotesque shadow of the beast looms over the top of him. It’s shaggy hair brushes against his head. Giant droplets of saliva fall onto Abel’s face.

Abel is woken as the shaggy face of his dog meets his own, beginning to mercilessly lick him.

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