Prompt #17: A recipe for happy days
Death To Stock

A recipe for happy days… When I think of happiness and joy I think of simplicity and warmth. So I thought about it for a moment, “What is at the root of my favorite days and happiest moments?” I took it all the way back to the simplest thing that gifts me happiness and inspires my joy.

1 part Gratitude. This is the meat of all joy and happiness. It is what brings joy, happiness, and a positive perception to each day.

Season with a pinch or so of Warmth to taste.

Warmth is simple too, and it varies with each person. It could be inspiration, admiration, peacefulness, vibrant energy, color, precious time spent with a loved one, etc. Take your pick. Choose your favorite flavor, or shake it up sometimes, try something daring and new every once in a while. Maybe the Universe will present you with something warm that you didn’t know you needed.

This one requires no physical cooking or preparation, only awareness and mindfulness of its presence. Holding space and acknowledging ones blessedness.

In any case, this tailored recipe makes for a feast anyone could last a lifetime on.

Enjoy! Happy feasting, everyone!

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