Caitlin Johnstone

A 7 day average? In the words of George RR Martin, “Oh my sweet summer child.” 7 Day averages don’t exactly mean much in terms of understanding news/informational ratings. It’s about long term growth, especially in the demo. Yes, today, they’re being beaten by Nick At Night. But that’s over 50% better than they were doing in the demo this time last year. Here’s a variety piece to look at.

“All three major cable news networks saw increases in their ratings compared to the same period last year, but CNN and MSNBC saw the biggest lifts in all key measures. In total day, MSNBC was up 93% in total viewers and 78% in the demo. CNN was next, up 41% in viewers and 59% in the demo. Fox News was up 22% in viewers and 40% in the demo.”

The key takeaway being? While there IS a claim to be made that CNN and other cable newsers are failing journalistically, there really isn’t one to be made that they’re failing in terms of ratings. They’re up. They’re trending up. People have to keep watching the circus to see when the acrobats fall and when the tiger finally mauls that guy with the chair.

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