I Love Her But She’s Trying to Kill Me…

I just met her 4 weeks ago — and she’s already shown me who she REALLY is.

A seductive temptress that doesn’t care about me at all.

I could die tonight and she wouldn’t bat an eye.

But I love her — no matter how much she hurts me.

She’s young and slim and slender — and I’m an absolute sucker for her.

She’s the first one I talk to in the morning and the last I talk to at night.

It’s like she’s hypnotized me to love her with her good looks.

The EMBARRASSING thing is that she isn’t ALL that attractive.

She looks good no doubt, and I AM attracted to her, but I could do without her if I wanted to.

Yet, no matter how much my soul tells me I should put her in check — I just can’t.

I always come running back to her.

I wish I could cuss her out, tell her who’s boss, and take my life back.

But like the fool that I am, I go back and sleep with her every night.

(I know that’s HORRIBLE because I’m married with 3 kids)

I even think about her when I’m with my kids.

And I think they’re starting to realize how I feel about her.

The heart-breaking thing is that they really, really like her — but have no idea how destructive she is.

I literally losing time and money because of it.

I can’t sit down and focus properly because I’m always checking on her.

I don’t know how long I can keep this going before people find out and say something.

I keep buying gifts for her, I can’t stop touching her, and I answer her every beck and call.

My health is deteriorating because rather than working out in the little time I have, I waste my time with her.

I’m losing sleep over her, I’m losing money over her, I’m not productive at work because of her, and I think one day she’s going to end up killing me.

I’m obsessed with her and I know that it’s eventually going to kill me.

And it’ll all be my fault.

Because I didn’t have the focus and discipline to put her in her place and take control of my life.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not talking about a woman who’s doing all this to me…

I’m talking about my phone.

She’s literally KILLING my productivity, STEALING my money, and DESTROYING my ability to stay focused and disciplined.

And I let her.

So it’s time to put her in her place.

To show her who’s boss.

To wear the pants in this relationship and tell her things are going to change.

If you’re in a relationship like this with your phone, it’s time you do the same.

To FOCUS on your health.

To FOCUS on building your business and career and making more money.

To FOCUS on spending time with your kids and being present with them.

To FOCUS on priorities that are the most important to you — and not let her distract you every 5 minutes.

I help people get focused and make more money… the first step is to see yourself as a winner and take back control…

Taking control of your phone is a great place to start.

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