Why “Visualization” Doesn’t Work (doing THIS transformed my results)

For years, I was stuck in “self-help” hell, hoping to make more money by simply “visualizing” it.

I wanted my business to grow.

I wanted to make more money.

I wanted to get in phenomenal shape.

So I kept reading self-help stuff, never actually taking any bold action.

So I never got the results I wanted.

But then something inside of me changed.

I realized the difference between “visualizing” something, hoping it will appear, and actually ACTING like I want it.

When I did that, I was able to:

*Become a best-selling author on Amazon (twice)
*Get a promotion at work (with a 25% raise)
*Build an online business that makes passive income ($500 to $2500 per month)
*Quadruple the size of my email list (in just 3 months)
*Build muscle and get down to 10% body fat (in 3 hours a week while still eating my favorite foods)

So if you want to SKYROCKET your results, here’s my simple advice:

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and talk to yourself, think, and ACT like the person you want to be.

Tell yourself how smart and aggressive and capable you are.

Imagine how you need to ACT to get the results you want.

Because when you ACT like the person you want to be, you’ll get the results you want.

This is NOT the same as sitting and visualizing what you want. You’re visualizing what you’re going to DO.

Do that, and watch your results literally SKYROCKET.

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