The Publicly Available Evidence Doesn’t Support Russian Gov Hacking of 2016 Election
Jeffrey Carr

Thanks so much for all your great work. It’s invaluable for people wanting to learn the truth of matters.

Iknow folks are frustrated that the facts are not the subject of so much media coverage these days. The American corporate media is so invested in the Russian myth it can’t let step back.

Ellen Nakashimae’s false report parroting CrowdStrike‘s misreps re the Ukrainian artillery “hack” has yet to be retracted and/or corrected by The Washington Post (

If they can’t even do show that bit of journalistic integrity, there’s no way WaPo, The New York Times et al can bring themselves to acknowledge there is, as yet, no public foundation for their repeated claims of Russian hacking of the 2016 US election.

Still, this is history — and just like the non-existent WMDs in 2003, the facts will remain long after the political spin. Your factual and reasoned analyses will aid international journalists to see the truth. And, eventually, even those reporting at home in the USA will have to be more honest.

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