How to groom your pet at home?

Do you find it challenging to take care of your pet’s grooming every now & then? Grooming pets regularly is something so essential that just can’t be ignored yet finding time for salon visits and paying the exorbitant prices every time, makes many pet owners look for some easy alternatives.

Hence here are some quick tips to groom your dogs and cats from the comfort of your home. The tips come quite easy for even novices.

Another advantage of grooming your pets at home is that your pets can be comfortable around you instead of getting frenzy amongst strangers in pet salons.

Quick tips to groom your pets

Here’s how you can take care of your pet at home.

  1. Brush your pets frequently

Brushing your pets daily can be quite beneficial for them. It can not only be relaxing but can also help in keeping them clean and their fur untangled.

Brushing them with a dematting brush removes ticks, fleas, and dirt. Next, it is suggested to remove excess hairs with the help of a deshedding tool.

2. Bathing pets at periodic intervals

Vets would recommend bathing your pets once in a while like in five to seven weeks. However, it varies from breed to breed and it is advisable to always check with your vet to fix up an accurate time span for bathing your pets.

You should always go for good quality shampoos and conditioners and avoid products with perfumes or essential oils. Pets should be blow dried immediately after drying them up to facilitate complete drying of their fur.

3. Trimming pet hairs

Use the right trimming tools to trim your pet’s hairs. You should exercise special caution when trimming their paw pads, ears, and private parts, so that your pets don’t get injured accidentally.

4. Trimming pet nails

This is another area which needs frequent attention, especially in case of dogs. You could use a nail grinder to grind the nails slowly. It can be extremely beneficial to help your pets get conditioned to the tools first, so that they don’t panic during their grooming session.

5. Paying extra attention to the ears and teeth of pets

You can brush your pet’s teeth every once in a while to take care of their oral health and hygiene. Additionally, you must always give special care to their ears and eyes to check for infections and other issues. It is always a good practice to consult a vet to avoid any complicated scenarios if your pets are suffering from some kind of eye or ears infections.

Pet parenting is about managing a lot of responsibilities, so I hope that the quick tips suggested in this write-up makes it easier for you to manage one thing effortlessly, and that’s grooming them at home.

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