Officially, its winters and people worldwide have stopped again- just not for winters but this time, also for COVID-19.

When I look back into 2020, a shudder crosses my spine, and all hopes rise for a better year ahead.

Most of the world is still in the wraps of their home, scared to move out, sceptical, what comes next.

But I would rather not sit instead, in a pair of pyjamas. If I wait, it would be with elan, of course.

A pair of pyjamas- Nah! It’s boring.

Why not wait for the year to begin again, in stilettoes and a top-notch?

Sounds good, affirming and far more welcoming. Then the black and white world of pyjamas!

Well, what all can you add up to your little life behind the walls now, let’s find out.

1) Turtleneck

A name given to the polo necks, these turtlenecks in suits, sweaters, and dresses adds oomph to every person who wears them.

Turtlenecks are obviously in trend, especially this winter.

If you carry a pair of specs, my advise, also keep a turtleneck handy. Wear them and feel unique with your work.

2) A Beanie

A brimless cap appears to be one of the most fashionable you can carry around your home as much as you can take outside.

Beanies can be worn anywhere. Especially when you’re work from home, have messy hair and got a zoom call in the next fifteen minutes.

Well, all I would advise is, hide your hairs behind one of the trendiest beanies and oops! You can look gorgeous in no time.

3) Leather-look

A leather look is what you can always adorn. Leathers are never out of fashion- they never have, and they never will be, ever.

Faux leather clothes are always in style and yeah! For your zoom call, add up a leather coat over your crinkly shirt. You’re all set!

4) Friendly gloves

Why not add gloves!

Well, you are ready in no time.

Gloves can also seem very stylish. You can again go for fingerless gloves in this case.

5) Faux fur fashion

Fur, Ahh! How can you forget them?

If not leather, why not faux fur coat?

Faux fur also adds that dash of colour and glam that nothing else can bring this winter.

Try it for yourself, to see it!

6) Sweaters

Well, if you want to feel special at home, try out a few sweaters.

They are another piece of clothing that can never go out of style.

Pink, blue, red or any other colour cardigans- try them out and see the difference it makes to your personality.

They can work wonders for you and your office set up at home.

7) Shoes

Shoes are essential this winter, and so are socks.

Don’t miss on bringing in a good pair with you.

Shoes are indispensable, and even at home, you can try some for photoshoots and while hanging out with your friends.

If you need to display a board while talking to your colleagues, then always keep an eye on the shoes.

Stilettoes, winter boots, heeled loafers, and combat boots can make your day so very special, and above all, ballet flats can create a feeling that lives forever.

To conclude, what we would like to say is, keep your spirits high, no matter how challenging the situation is. The fashion accessories we have suggested above do not need much money from your end. But you can always innovate it in the best possible way to suit your style and fashion.

Keep up your spirits and be bright to ensure a good year ahead.

Concept Fashion #FASHHACK

A content writer but I also have a book on Amazon: A Hiatus from the Loaded Past.

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