Contraceptive pill while not breastfeeding?

The World Health Organization warns that women should delay pregnancy for at least two years after the birth in order to benefit both mother and child health. During this time the mother has time to take care and good parenting. To obtain a delay, the women have used contraceptive methods.

Dr. Le Thi Kim Dung, Medical Center of Thai Ha (Hanoi), after childbirth, you can gradually warming married life. However, the period of breastfeeding, you need to consider in choosing a contraceptive suitable for medium not spike, has no impact on human health. Each measure has its own pros and cons, you should self-testing in order to find appropriate means to me, and add comments counseling therapist. Birth control pills may affect breast milk?

Birth Control Pills

The birth control pill that contains only progestin hormone is considered the perfect product for breastfeeding mothers. Meanwhile, the drug combines estrogen and progestin is not a good option at this point, especially in the first 6 months, because they can decrease your milk supply. Progestin-only oral contraceptives have the form of a pill, implants, instruments and set uterus injections. Type the most popular and easy to find is a pill. Use a very small dose of hormones, these pills do vaginal fluids become thicker and the sperm can not penetrate into the restricted zone.It also makes the thin lining of the uterus and sometimes, inhibits ovulation.

Detail about Birth Control Methods

The effect of a pill containing progestin

The drug is applied when menstruating again, using the first tablet at menstruation and drink continuously each day 1 tablet in numerical order on the pack. On today’s market, brand-name drug content Embevin 28 desogestrel 0.075 mg / tablets have higher contraceptive use 97–98%, not affect breast milk. Pills must not be used for mothers with drug allergies, liver failure, kidney failure, blood diseases, thrombophlebitis. No preventable infectious diseases.

Because your fertility will decrease in the period of breastfeeding, progestin-only pills for almost absolute efficiency. If proper dosing instructions used, even in women who are not breastfeeding, the failure rate is only 0.5%. To this contraceptive method can achieve optimal performance, you should take your medicine at the same time each day.

However, for women with children, to remember to take medicine on time is sometimes a very difficult thing.At this time, injections or implants would be the appropriate choice.


When and How?

Injectable progestin may receive the vaccine in the first follow-up visit after birth.It is effective up to 99% even in women who are not breastfeeding. Depending on the ingredients, some inject-able drugs work best only for 12 weeks and then she has to go back to the next dose. However, some other kind of work very long, up to 1 year.

Be careful consideration they will use drugs dung. Mot side effects of injections is reduced bone mineral density in your.

On most of these manuals recommend this product you should not use more than 2 years of injections.


This is a small rod containing the hormone progesterone subcutaneously implanted with numbers from 1–6 depending the rod, contraceptive effect lasts up to 3 years. The advantage of this method is able to take place whenever the continued ability to have children. However, contraceptive implants also have many side effects such as menorrhagia in the first few months, or headache, dizziness, nausea.

Instruments placed progestin intrauterine

This device is a small, T-shaped rod is placed in the uterus. With hormone progestin, will support cycle fatigue because your little bleeding. Even some types of instruments put uterus also make menstruation disappear. IUDs can be implanted in the body for 5 years. Safety Birth control pills contain progestin only releases a small amount of this substance in breast milk.

The study was conducted confirmed drug does not affect health, weight gain or the pace of development of the baby, while not reducing the mothers milk. Typically, these pills are recommended for 6 weeks after birth. At this time, your milk supply has increased at a stable level, and also has provided little more than at birth.If you do not often give me breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctor about taking birth control pills( e.g. Necon Birth Control Method) earlier, or use of contraceptives such as condoms support.