How NOT to write

I’ve been trying to break through in writing in some form another since forever, whether through blog posts or getting published or writing books. All unsuccessful so far. I can surely pass a test or help students get admitted into excellent colleges, but I can’t seem to break through at the blog and novel levels, and all the little mistakes are becoming evident as I gather all the clues as to what exactly has been going wrong.

1) Not organizing/outlining first

I developed this arrogant notion that I could just jot a few words down and start typing away like it was no one’s business and just go with the flow but it’s definitely all over the place. I was flying by the seat of my pants and it was definitely chaotic. Not high quality work at all.

2) Not editing

Writing is actually a ton of editing. Even if I never become “successful” at writing, having tried makes me appreciate all the hard work and edits that goes into a legitimate book.

3) Running out of steam and just plowing through it

It’s really funny how people can perceive of other people’s intents and meanings even when the writer himself or herself cannot. It’s funny because the entry just kinda flops and falls over and whoops there goes all the air out of the balloon and the writer just keeps rambling with three wheels and running on empty. It’s not fun to read though.

I’ve discovered that the best posts are written effortlessly and without energy. That’s where passion comes in! But passion, cannot be just about oneself.

4) Writing for myself, not a target audience

A lot of the writing came from deep within me, in emulation of memoirs of already established writers. However, since I am not nearly as interesting as I think I am, why would anybody bother to read anything that I write?

Different people have different interests, and when the niche puts the reader and writer together, it clicks and finally the interest can align the aspiring writer and interested reader.

5) Not knowing how to market

As of late, I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos on how to make money or get a lot of views. It’s all about marketing, social networking, using feeds, timing, advertising, all that stuff. I’m so unfamiliar with all that stuff. That’s not really the kind of writer I want to be though, I tell myself. But without it nobody will ever read my stuff other than my 15 friends.

On the other end of the spectrum are people like Haruki Murakami. Real hermits who are world-class and Nobel-Prize worthy according to most. They don’t seek the attention nor do they want the attention. They just write for the sake of writing. I’m not like that either, not at all, but I do find that I copy his style more and more as I continue to read his books.

I want to be somewhere in the middle…say…Stephen King. Is that so much to ask? I think he had some talent to spare though. Can I have it? No, it’s not nearly the same. Oh my goodness, I’m talking to myself again. That’s what it has felt like these past few years trying to break through this echo chamber of a blog.

So recommend this post and follow! You won’t regret it! What do you have to lose anyways? Other than time?