Never stop learning, because life will never stop teaching.

Learning something new is like a coconut, it is hard and a bit messy from outside, but once it opens up it bring a lot of sweet juice and fruit inside. Whenever we are asked to learn something new, a panic monster or a zombie gets over us to let us know that “No, no you can never do it”, but once you get over that feeling you’ll definitely enter an incredible world of new ideas and plan, it will enhance your character, your knowledge and on a bigger perspective your personality.

We always need to grow more and more, get new ideas because “Old ways won’t open new doors”, we need to knock the new door to open it.

Amal is not only an institute but it’s a never ending journey and in this journey we are life long travelers, we were assigned a completely different course “Learning How to Learn”, now how is this different from rest of the courses, the answer is “It was totally different in a different website which was unique for me, I never worked at this website before and did not knew how to complete the course and quiz, for 2 days I kept on thinking and starring at the course that what I am suppose to do in it, how my teacher will get to know that I have done the course and the contents was really threatening, no proper guidance, but the ultimate solution was to just start watching videos, so I started the course watched the videos and there was quiz as well as questions which attracted me and dragged my attention to complete it and learn from it. The 2 main challenges I faced was:

  1. Lack of knowledge about that website and course.

So, after this course I have made few rules in my own life which I will follow before I start learning any new thing to reduce those challenges I might face, and those takeaways are:

  1. Get excited about learning something new instead of getting panic and afraid

I have come to a conclusion and some tips which will last long in my life, whenever I want to learn something new, weather in my personal life or professional life, I will always welcome new things as a challenge instead of fear, I will get diffused in it to get the proper know how about that aspect, I will dig deep into the thing to have complete information about it before doing any new task and I will be a life long learner instead of taking myself as perfect.

Never ending love for “Amal Academy”, it is making me better and better, day after day.

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