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You’ve worked days and nights on this great web application. After countless hours of coding and debugging, you’ve finally finished the product. It’s time to share your piece of work with the world and to let everyone see it.

In this guide, I’m going to describe step by step how you can deploy your first Node.js application to a server. …

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Chances are that you’ve already used SSH a lot during your programming career. Whether it involved cloning a git repository or connecting to a remote server. Either way, both involving SSH on a basic level.

But beyond fetching a git repo or connecting to a server, SSH has some other purposes which may enhance your development workflow. One of them is SSH tunneling, also known as local or remote port forwarding. I’ll get into what it is and the difference between local and remote port forward.

SSH stands for Secure Shell and is a program that is used to create a secure connection to a remote server. To create an SSH connection simply enter this command in your…


Rina Andriana

Web Engineer and tech enthusiast. I love to play around with new stuff and create something useless.

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