What to do to make the next day better after Brexit?

Below is an action plan, inspired by a post on Compass:

“The issue is how can we assemble ourselves in a way that makes hope possible? Because the real darkness lies in not trying, believing and showing that something better is both desirable and feasible.”

Here’s a starter for ten…

1. Post-Factual Democracy?

Make the time to: 
Educate yourself. Educate others.
Support other educational initiatives.
Go to a library. Read books. Give books. Share books.
Be a member of book clubs. 
Run a workshop. Join a workshop. Invite others to attend workshops.
Study. Teach.
Find out about free lectures. Give free lectures. Take free online courses. Meet with people for coffee and talk.
Make art and theatre.
Write poems and songs, create playlists.
Adopt a growth mindset and know-nothing state. Be curious.

2. Anarchy?

Try Anarchists in the Boardroom by Liam Barrington-Bush of more like people. Change how we organise, Change the world.

Small community groups, solidarity movements, street associations, interest clubs, memberships.

3. Less Politics? More Politics?

If politics is the problem, it is also the solution.

Maurice Duverger’s Political Parties: Their Organization and Activity in the Modern State (1954) — Find this book, breach copyright laws by making photocopies and share with others, translate it to a local language.

Soil & Soul: People versus Corporate Power by Alastair McIntosh ‘shows how it is still possible for individuals and communities to take on the might of corporate power and emerge victorious.’

4. Global or Local?

Believe in something bigger than yourself, but start small. 
Pick a singular and specific cause that is close to your heart. Get involved.

“What’s driving the most powerful resistance movements is love of particular places.” — Naomi Klein

5. We’re all in this together?

Connect with older people.
Connect with younger people.
Daily acts of kindness and generosity.
Get to know your neighbours.
Attend social events outside of your usual routine.
Search for groups online.
Form groups online.

6. Be the change

Get to know yourself better.
What are your strengths?
What’s stopping you from living a life you love, that you’re happy with, that you find purposeful?
Invest in a life coach if you like.
Discover kundalini yoga.
Whatever it is you choose, do you first.

7. Family & Friends

Spend time with the people you love, wherever they are.
Forgive those who have hurt you.

8. Hate and Fear < Love and Courage

Hurt people, hurt people.
What’s your default language and vocabulary?
More than empathy or sympathy, aim for compassion.
Light candles instead of cursing in the darkness.

9. Work work work work work

What can you do with colleagues or your company?
Social responsibility projects?
Quit the job you hate. Do a job you love.

10. Philosophy, Spirituality, Meaning

How we experience life is not based on the events that occur, but based on the meaning we attach to the events that will make all the difference.

There is a substantial part of us that is not contained in physical parts of us, that makes us, us.

What is your existential urgency?

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