My Story of Voluntary Homelessness, and Why YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO
Viviana Rose

Viviana your articles are so amazing! From the very first one you sent me “Not to be afraid of death” & this one. You & I are very much alike, & I feel you are teaching me how to become a better person for myself. Ever since I read your first article, I make sure I enjoy my life. Even if it’s me alone going out to dinner or going on an adventure, I make sure to take that step and enjoy the life I was given. I agree with this article 100%. I always say that I feel like I was born in the wrong generation because i am not a big fan of technology. When i do go out with friends, i prefer to keep the phone away and enjoy whats in front of me. But of course not everyone has that same preference. Thank you again for sending me this article & I look forward to reading more!:)

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