Don’t Blame Steve Harvey: Bad Design Caused the Miss Universe Fiasco
Josiah Tullis

First, why are there sticker labels on this card? That could have been human error right there. They are printed in small font on tiny address label stickers. Why have stickers at all in this day and age, like it’s 1990 and we can’t just design and print on a decent laser printer, without a professional printshop or mail merge program that spits out labels?

I’m sure those stickers had to be locked up till the reveal. Why not just design a decent card, print it, and keep the entire thing locked up till the reveal? At least that way, with placeholder text in a prototype, you could have someone test the card for clarity and usability prior to the reveal. And, they could make a bigger deal out of it being locked up, like they do other award announcements with the “secret envelope”.

It’s a silly card, with one user. But that user is playing a vital role in information delivery— and I’m sure getting it right means to the world to the contestants and their supporters.

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