For the past few Halloweens, I’ve been DIYing my costumes as anthropomorphic (human-like) food characters. First creature in this series was Monsieur French Toast and he was thought up at a lovely coffee shop with friends in Montreal. Wouldn’t you say that was very fitting, oui oui? And the following year was Mr. Peanut, circa 1990s. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a big ol’ peanut amongst the crowd of X-Men characters or *yawn* sexy witches? That’s nuts, right?

“Why didn’t Mr. Potatohead want to go to the party? Because he was scared of doing the ‘Monster Mash.’ “

For our second UXDI project, we were tasked to create a new feature for an existing mobile app. The team I worked with had Venmo, a mobile payment service app owned by PayPal. Our goal was to get users to send money via their app to causes they care about and use their social elements to encourage their connections to give, as well.


The first thing we did was create and send a screener survey to our network. What’s a screener survey? Basically it is a survey with questions that helps researchers recruit potential candidates to interview. And in our…

“Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs in the middle?” This is how we get checked up on daily by our TA, Sarah B. I usually give a big thumbs up, but I was in catatonic Zombie mode after working all night on our first presentation. And I’m not kidding about being in Zombie mode. After class I met friends to grab food (everyone’s gotta eat) and let’s just say I didn’t last very long — chicken wings were slipping out of my fingers, buffalo sauce was all over my face and my eyes were bloodshot. …

Rina Kim

UX Designer

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