Girl talk…

I am tired of listening to my girlfriends beat themselves up for being single. Its not you, I promise. You dont need to lower your expectations, you shouldnt settle, good for you for putting your education and career first, and I am proud of you for being an awesome frickin woman! Sometimes the home you bought with your independence feels a little lonely, I get it. Sometimes when you drive home after a long day, I know you think about how you spent your day and ask yourself if it was worth it. You spend your days in meetings, sitting across a round table full of men, and wondering what the heck its all for. All the men in the room have wives who have the option of not working. I get it, you’re pissed off that you’re not one of them and why you’re sitting through another meeting and talking about the same crap that was discussed in that stupid meeting from yesterday.

I cant tell you when you’re going to meet your “partner in life” but I can tell you that you should be so proud of the woman you’ve become. I am always amazed that my circle of friends are made up of doctors, nurses, teachers, women that run companies, artists, business owners, and every little girl’s role model. Life is not simple, life is not easy and life is not predictable. Like a good book, its made up of equal parts drama, equal parts suspense, equal parts heartache, and after all that an ending that is worth sharing with next generations.

So…the next time you ask yourself “when is it my turn” just remember, your story may be a little more complicated, your story may be filled with more dreams than the average person.