When 46 suddenly feels like 26

When 46 suddenly feels like 26

I packed up the last 20 years into cardboard boxes, scheduled movers to haul it away and began the 6 hour journey to a different place and hopefully a new chapter. Deciding to move without a job could have been the stupidest thing I ever did but doing the same thing for the next 20 years could also be the stupidest thing I ever do. Leaving friends and a good job seems irresponsible for a 46 yr old, but somehow feels ok and perfectly normal when you’re in your 20s, so let’s say I’m reliving my youth and shaking things up a bit.

The ride here to LA was long, but i didnt feel alone. So many thoughts bouncing in my head, people that have come and gone, memories you want to keep and some you wish you could forget, all in all…SF has treated me well. Trying to collect my thoughts and remember the things that were specific to SF…ahhhh my first thoughts take me to the damn Marina, no matter how hard I tried to get away from that spot I couldnt. Every bar I got dragged into was plastered with white girls that couldn’t seem to get out of their yoga pants after their workouts…or they just pretended they came from a workout, whatever the case may be, it was annoying. A sea of NorthFace jackets and black yoga pants. White boys with the same plaid button up shirts and hair that was a little longer to show they are not “uptight” and that same white boy laugh. It sounds like Im exaggerating, but anyone that has ever spent time there can attest to this. The area was a mix of french vanilla and vanilla, but its ok because its a known fact and everyone likes it that way…apparently.

ok..not sure how I started with this topic but I just thought it was funny and made me think of all the drunken evenings in that delightful area. :-)

One thing you cant take away from san francisco are the eateries…everything you can imagine all strewn in a stretch of 7x7. So many damn good restaurants make for a pudgy girl..I could go to a new restaurant and never make it to all of them. New ones pop up all the time and its usually a fusion of a fusion of a fusion. If you’re from SF, you know what Im talking about. Fusion this, fusion that…Ethiopian mixed with Korean, and Chinese mixed with Italian, fusion everything. I love it! But yea if you’re looking for meat and potatoes, theres something for you too.

Ive visited LA many times, but as a resident now, you start paying attention to different things. Short cuts around the city, local bars, local gyms, and why all the damn sales girls dont wear bras and panties. Shit!! what kind of place did I land? They all have great tans and they don’t care that their nipples are popping out, and yea although I don’t want to stare I cant help myself. Maybe its the weather? Its so hot here that you cant wear too much clothing, and when you have bra straps sticking into you, its uncomfortable, ok ok maybe I get it.

Its a different world here and I need to learn how to play in it.

where am I? This is what it looks like on I-5
Almost there…..
I thought my first “pig”sighting would be at a bar
Streets of Santa Monica
Home sweet Home

Originally published at medium.com on September 21, 2015.

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