2016 Year Review

( Recently I want to have a review of the first half of 2017, and before that, just quickly have a review of my 2016 in later half of 2017.😂)

Cities have been:

  • Domestic:Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shunde, Sanya, Chengdu, Xiamen, Beijing
  • Aboard:Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Ho Chi Minh City


  • The 1st time to take a ship to Hong Kong, from Shunde.
  • It’s also the 1st time my daughter(Li Zhi Man) went to HK, being out of the Mainland China.
  • Had a nice experience in the K11 Exhibition - Seven Sense
  • Organized to shoot the 1st Move It advertising video for the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Been to the “Fang Suo” Office, can’t imagine it’s so close to my home.


  • The 1st Apple Store in Guangzhou Opened, eventually!
  • Finally been to the dreamland: USA, with my husband and the eight-month-year old daughter. It’s the 1st time she took the flight and went aboard. She had a one-week jet lag.
  • #bucketlistchecked Visited the dream universities: Stanford and UCLA.
  • Tried In-N-Out burger.
  • #bucketlistchecked Watched KOBE BRYANT shoot the ball at the Staple Center (Lakers vs King) before his retirement soon in 2017. (5000RMB tickets worth, we sat at the line H facing the basketball bucket)
  • Loved the Disney Hall a lot in LA, I have also been to the same architecture’s art in Bilbao, Spain in 2010.
  • Enjoyed the free and artistic atmosphere in San Francisco especially the moments in MoMA, Pied Piper Bar in the Palace Hotel.
  • Startup Visiting: Indiegogo, MailTime
  • First time been to the Startup Grind Conference 2016 at Redwood City, inspired by the talks of Basecamp founder, A16Z founder and Clay.
  • Nice sunshine and ocean by the Venice Beach, LA


  • Lean In GZ 2 year anniversary
  • #unexpectedtrip Went to Sanya for the sunshine and to escape the rainy days in GZ.
  • Technode Asian Hardware Battle at Chengdu, Move It Team is amongst the Top 15.
  • Visited the Chengdu Fang Suo Bookstore, impressed!


  • Took the 1st family group photo with drone
  • Move It Joined the Startup Launchpad Show in the Global Source 2016 Exhibition, brought a lot of attention.
  • Farewell to Carel, he need to move to Shanghai.
  • Started the fitness class in YiQiLian
  • The 1st time I tried FengTongHui BBQ, Yummy!
  • A sharing in INNO Talk, talking about the “Female Leadership”
  • Shoot the 2nd batch of Move It promotion photos


  • Had a wonderful May Day holiday in GZ, the 1st time took the Tram along side the Pearl River.
  • Lean In GZ had an event on top of Guangzhou Town! Proud of everyone in the organization!
  • JZ Club Guangzhou rocks!
  • Uber x Lean In GZ! I am the interviewer ;)
  • I was the host of Startup Grind GZ firechat in May :)


  • Happy Children’s Day! The 1st Children’s Day of LiZhiMan.
  • Be the speaker for the Youth Speak Forum in SCUT
  • Represented Move It to competed in Her Startup.
  • Went to HK again to see CashLee off and enjoyed a wonderful time with him in Mr & Mrs Fox before his leaving for San Francisco.
  • A WABC event specially for the mentally handicapped children, but I think they are the real artist!


  • The 2nd chance I been to US in one year
  • I had a Airbnb experience to stay in a Investor’s apartment. Surprise!
  • I had a wonderful chance to be in Google HQ in Mountain View. It’s my dream company!
  • Also had a change to be in Youtube, Spotify and Airbnb!
  • Saturday Flea Market in San Francisco and finally I was at the Golden Gate! Chilly but happy!
  • Riding the train CoastStarLight which took me from San Francisco to Los Angeles, great mountain and ocean view just outside of the window. Unforgettable memories and I strongly recommend!
  • A museum tour in LA and San Francisco.
  • Up to the most beautiful point to see the whole city star of LA at the Observatory Park.


  • My daughter was at the hospital since she got hurt and burnt in July T T. But she was optimistic and didn’t cry a lot. Proud of her!
  • A short business trip to Beijing, visited Xiaomi and Philosophy Gym.
  • Completed the 1st course of IE School Marketing Courses, got the certificate.
  • Got a new professional avatar :)
  • Had a very good time with CashLee at STM(Sip Till Morning) Bar. Incredible cocktail there.
  • A Move It roadshow in Guangzhou Book Center.
  • Move It shown up in the Arnold Show 2016 in Hong Kong! Got good feedback from the passersby.
  • Bought a new shoe to my little girl.


  • Completed the 2nd Course of IE School Marketing Courses, got the certificate. Keep going!
  • Shoot the Move It program videos! Coop with Max again!
  • Mid-autumn Festival with family!
  • Went to HK to pick Cash up from SF, USA ;)
  • Couple nice family weekend days
  • Qu Lian & Nike Training Event


  • October Golden Week Vacation in Xiamen City, re-visiting Xiamen University, and enjoyed a very good moments with Cash and my daughter.
  • My daughter was keep practicing walking ;)
  • Attending Maker Faire Shenzhen Finally and met a lot of new tech stuff and old friends there.
  • An un-expected two-day Vietnam trip because I need the VISA to visit HongKong…
  • Bravo Beer Tasting Night, thanks for That’s Magazine’s invitation
  • Setting up 3 Move It spots in three different co-working spaces in GZ.


  • My daughter could walk on her own! On Nov 22nd!
  • A closer experience about what’s fashion? Joined the Liber Monster Fashion Week.
  • Move It launch on Jing Dong(JD.com) Crowdfunding Page finally!
  • Tried a lot of new restaurant and good food this month.


  • Lean In Talk 2016 Launched on Dec 17th. I was the PM and have prepared the whole project for two month! Thankful and grateful for every sponsors and partners and all the speakers and audience.
  • Being the moderator of Guangzhou Innovation Festival, at the stage of Guangzhou Library.
  • Xmas Trip to HuaDu Sheraton Hotel. We lived in a private suite! Awesome.
  • A Middle School Friend re-union dinner at the last day of 2016.