SG1-Full Circle:

Jack searches desperately for a distraction.

Skaara: We are betrothed.
Jack: Trust me, that’s serious. Congratulations.
Skaara: Thank you.
Jack: I assume my invitation got lost in the mail or..?
Skaara: I wanted to ask you to sha’loki. To stand beside me.
Jack: Just…during the ceremony, right?
Skaara: Yes, yes.
Jack: I’d be honoured.
Skaara: Will you be coming to my wedding alone?
Jack: Ummm…

[Carter walks up to them.]

I assume Carter’s invited too?
Skaara: Of course. Will you becoming together?
Jack: As in?

Sam: Friends going to a wedding.

Jack: Ah, yes, sure!…

[O’Neill turns away.]

Jack: Jonas?

[O’Neill walks off and Carter and Skaara just smile.]

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