Quantum Entanglement With the Future: Lincoln Dreams of His Assassination

Rhawn Gabriel Joseph

Consciousness and the Past Present Future are Entangled

“The distinctions between past present and future are illusions.” — Albert Einstein

Aberfan Disaster Dream-Time Precognition

Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand: Dream-Time Precognition

The Big Dream and the Quantum Wave Function

Coincidence, Parallel Worlds, and the Law of Averages

Relativity and Accelerated Dream Consciousness

Parallel Worlds and Dream Consciousness

Conclusions: Time, Consciousness, and Entanglement

Could Quantum Physics Be The Answer?

Quantum physics offers one theory for precognitive dreams, suggesting that during the uninhibited state of REM, the brain may be capable of identifying some kind of a signal that we aren’t aware of in our conscious state. These signals could assist with awareness of the future. This idea links to theories of quantum entanglement and the idea that two separate particles or points in time can interact as if connected to one another despite being spatially separated.



Why People Have Precognition:

Still today studies still cant prove on why we get precognitive dreams. There are many theories on this subject but no substantial evidence.… Stated below are some theories for the reasoning behind them.

  • One theory states that the precognitive experience itself discharges some type of strong psychokinetic PK force, that brings the envisioned future to pass.
  • The past, present and future is all the same.
  • Possibly be a glance at future events that is based upon present circumstances and information.
  • Your mind is able to go outside an unknown force field

Close to 90% of our precognition dreams involve people that we are emotionally attached to or somebody we have close ties to. Most of your psychic dreams will consist of family members or spouses. The rest would pick up on tragic events that happen around the world or strangers you meet in your daily life.

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