Window of Opportunity

“In a loop after this, while O’Neill and Teal’c are in charge of the translation while Daniel seems to be learning from them, Daniel makes an offhand remark that the two of them could do anything they wanted with no consequences since they know the loop would reset at the end anyway. Getting an idea, they both suddenly leave.

For several loops, the two indulge in whatever behavior they feel like. Teal’c takes revenge upon the Airman who opens the door in his face by violently slamming it back on him. O’Neill tries pottery, bicycles through the base, golfs with Teal’c to Alaris through the gate (and shouting at Gen. Hammond for interrupting his back swing), and resigns his commission from the Air Force so that he can kiss Carter.”

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"Back on the base, O’Neill, Carter, and Daniel are at breakfast. O’Neill comments on how the oatmeal is a nice change of pace from the Froot Loops he has been eating. Carter informs them that the Tok’ra had been trying to reach them for over three months, but the loop could have lasted for longer, there is no clear indication how long exactly it had lasted. Daniel asks O’Neill if he ever did anything “crazy” without fear of consequences while trapped in the loops. O’Neill states that he asked that before, but instead of elaborating he gives a long look at Carter and continues eating.”

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