First Post

Hi, I’m Rinda! I’m currently into my second week at Flatiron School, a coding bootcamp based in NY. I’ll be documenting my journey over the next 4 months here on this blog and am curious as to how my future self will evolve!

Before joining Flatiron School, I was on the ops team as a global operations manager at Breather, a work space platform that provides a network of beautifully curated private spaces that can be easily booked by the hour on-demand. I joined the team before they officially raised a Series B round and was able to lead and build out a lot of the operational standards used for scaling city wide operations.

Previous to Breather, I worked on the ops team at the now defunct Homejoy, an on-demand home services startup based in San Francisco. That was a crazy adventure as I joined Homejoy right at its height (after it had made a lot of headlines for launching in ~30 cities in 6 months) and stayed for 1.5 years until its eventual shutdown (mostly due to a number of lawsuits over misclassification of independent contractors).

Through my work experiences so far, I’ve learned that I love working at startups and being surrounded by hardworking and smart colleagues and want to continue in that “field”. Even more so, I love understanding how to build some structure into the chaos that’s often present at early startups and trying to figure out how to optimize certain processes and scale efficiently. I would often have to work with engineers and have always been curious about how they actually build things out. It’s fascinating to me that I can spec out an idea of what I think could work and then see it in a few days/weeks in tangible form. As such, I’ve decided to take some time to learn how to code so I can be empowered in the future to build out some of my own ideas. I’m excited to see where the next 13 weeks take me and look forward to future me looking back on my previous posts and self reflecting…(kinda like db:migrate, db:rollback, db:migrate again)! (hopefully I’ll have stronger code jokes in the future as well….) Here’s to the road ahead!