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Terraform is a versatile tool to manage your cloud infrastructure. It’s open-source and has been in the market for more than 5 years. It is the most popular tool out there to implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Managing cloud infrastructure using code makes way for automation. Code enables better collaboration among team compared to using point and click method such as a web UI.

This post helps you build a Terraform platform for the team using an EC2 instance to host Atlantis. Atlantis is pull-request automation for running Terraform. You can think of it like an executor that monitor and run Terraform when change occurs. A single EC2 instance is sufficient since Atlantis typically used only by the internal team. Atlantis needs to save the execution plan to disk temporarily before applying it. Faster recovery in case the EC2 inaccessible is more important and cost effected compared to running it on multiple instances for high availability purposes. …


Roy Inganta Ginting

Automation with human touch. Ops person with software engineer mindset

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