We have the challenge of making people give a shit, when they have very little reason to. We have the challenge of standing out enough to make them give a shit about us specifically when we’re competing with this never ending stream of stuff. Low value, free stuff, stuff that we can pay a miniscule amount for.
Why don’t people give a shit anymore?
J. Westenberg 🌈

Good point. We have to create good, valuable stuff and let people value it by paying the correct price for it (whatever that is). Problem is, people get used to that cheap stuff, e.g. downloading a Logo for 150 bucks, and rarely experience the negative outcome of that choice. Mostly I hear them say: That design-thing didn’t work well for us. Intead of: Going for the cheap solution didn’t work well for us. This is why I think we not only need to create solid stuff, but also we need to educate people about the value and sustainability of the things we create.