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As someone who follows the Packers religiously, here are my thoughts on the players mentioned.

Stephon Gilmore to the Packers: They used big FA money to retain Sam Shields a few years ago and it burned them because he couldn’t consistently stay healthy. Now, you think they’ll spend big money on someone from outside the organization with a tag of “inconsistent at times” in his byline. Just don’t see it happening.

Nick Perry: Nick had a motor and drive this year I haven’t seen in the past, even playing through injury. Hey, look at that, it was his contract year. Buyer beware.

TJ Lang and JC Tretter: I have to believe Green Bay holds on to TJ Lang, even though they seem to hate paying big money to interior offensive lineman (remember back when they let Mike Wahle walk, yes I’m old). They may let Tretter go as their system seems to be conducive to helping big white lineman succeed (even Don Barclay looked serviceable in it).

Julius Peppers: At $10 mil per year in his last contract, Peppers was an enigma. Effective at times, non-existent at others (it seemed like whole games would pass without hearing his name). Even with that, it seemed as though the Packers got what they paid for. A freakish athlete that was never injured, with just enough presence to make the occasional big play. Scary if New England gets him, even if for spot 3rd down play.

Eddie Lacy: Goodbye. Our P90X spokesman just couldn’t put it together. I’d rather platoon 4 mid-level scrubs at $1 mil per than to take the risk with Lacy and his bum ankles and questionable work ethic.

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