Bouncing Muu

Muu 2015

Meow… meow… the squeak of my 6-month-old cat. He’d only been allowed outside on his own for the last couple of weeks. He had been typically cautious since the move in spring of 2008, leaving his mom and siblings.

His first foray outside on his own ended with him hiding underneath the patio table. We’d only been the house a short while and like some of the other place’s we’d come to live it had been vacant for months.

Muu at 4 months

Unaware there were bird nests hidden in the nooks & crooks around the small porch to the backyard. I had let him out and he barely got five feet as he started down the steps. Three birds came loudly squawking and trying to dive bomb the poor cat. He quickly made his way to the quickest shelter as I stepped out to intercede.

It only took a few minutes to discover the problem. They were territorial and we were trespassing. He became cautious and a bit wary after being frightened his first time out on his own.

This is the day where he stretched himself from being cautious to extremely curious. He had worked his way around the birds and they discovered we were there to stay.

The high pitched meowing had the scared I don’t know what to do tone. Sure enough, he had gotten himself into it. Clearly, he was quite proud of himself. He had climbed a tree. A huge old cypress with no lower branches. The first branches higher than the roof line. Muu had started to climb and kept going until he reached the lower branch. Now he didn’t know how to get down.

I didn’t either. There was no ladder, it would have required a large one anyway. It took quite a while before I could talk him down. 
I knew he could do it. The bark was good for gripping and I knew he could climb down. Eventually, he did… well tried. He got about half way down when speed and gravity took over and he leaped. Luckily the base of the tree was surrounded with spongy ground cover. Muu hit the ground cover and bounced…. and bounced, then landed on his feet.

As most cats do, he turned to me giving me his look, ‘I meant to do that. What problem?… there was none. I had it all under control. Can I have a treat now? Maybe a cuddle’. As I picked him up and carried him inside.

Enough adventures for one day.

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