Conversations with Sabian


What is going on? (I feel very different)

That is not what you want to ask or talk about.

I guess not.

You guess?

Habitual response. No. I know what is going on.

Radical Honesty.

What about it?

You are starting to embrace it like you have not before. Stick with it and do not stop!

Do NOT get spacey. You just shifted something big and it’s easy for you to drop into a meditative state right now, but you need to stay present. In the body.

Meaning meditate, but don’t astral out.

Stay grounded. A lightness of being AND grounded in presence.

There you go..

Relax and breathe in your beingness.

Yes, doubt will come up. Don’t let it sidetrack you.

Just BE

Not to worry about what is true or not in this moment that is mental thoughts, doubt and will sideline you while you practice this.

Just BE for a few minutes.

The truth will sort itself out. Let the thoughts go.

It’s the part of you that wants to control, that wants to know…

Yes out of head back to your heart

Just BE


Did the truth sort itself?

Yes, it did. Thank you.

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