I miss my cat.

When he passed I began to travel. His gift to me on the timing of his leaving.

For now I’m blessed to be living in a tropical climate, with hot days and warm nights. A friend teases me and reminds me it’s winter. I tease back saying it’s not winter if it’s too warm to wear socks.

I’ve never lived anyplace like this before. Sights, sounds and smells are different along with a whole new set of bugs. The warm climate seems to produce them just as fast as everything grows.

Bugs don’t bother me, they never have. As a child I would calmly cup a spider in my hands to take it outside. When other children tried to scare myself or my friends presenting us with some creepy bug or slithering snake, I’d walk up to it and pet it or hold it, much to their disappointment.

Tonight, while cleaning up after a meal I noticed a large fat spider on the sliding door. No big deal, even though I was tired and just wanted the night to come to an end. I grabbed the bug cup. When I went to the sliding door I saw the spider wasn’t actually on the inside. She was between the screen and the door. Not in, not out.

She was so close to being out, just on the outside of the screen. Not wanting the spider to make it all the way inside I took a thin piece of cardboard and gently tried to encourage her to move in the other direction. She only needed to go a few inches to be back outside. I barely touched the spider when I dot pops out. I try again and to no avail and this time a few more dots then.. about ten more. Damn! She’s having babies! As more and more start to pop out.

I’ve come across this before. These spiders can produce hundreds and hundreds of tiny spiders in seconds. I was able to quickly get her and her offspring outside before the numbers became unmanageable. Stepping back inside and doing a quick check of the sliding door to make sure all spiders were gone. There, just above where the spider had been something else was on the door. A huge grasshopper looking thing, opaque and alien looking.

I miss my cat.