Lyra, born as a beautiful long haired white cat with stunning blue eyes.

She stood out in the small litter of mostly black, gray and white striped tabbies. I watched as she grew, sweet and majestic with no fear. For her there wasn’t anything to really fear. This seemed to come from a place of knowing who she was.

As she got old enough to begin venturing outside I’d watch as she played with her siblings. They would run through the clearing that was covered in spring grass or underneath the redwoods with the dark moss and deep covered logs. She climbed trees and learned how to be outside.

One day I observed her learning stealth moves and how to play hide and seek. Where she had excelled in other areas of outdoor skills, when it came to hide and seek, she just couldn’t hide. I watched as the kittens began to take cover finding their hiding spots. Except for Lyra, all the others began to blend into their surroundings. For her no mater how small she made herself the white fur stood out. You could easily spot the top of her back and tail. She still had no fear, but I did. We lived in an area with foxs and coyotes. The protection skill of hiding was useless with her coloring against the dark backdrop of the redwoods. Especially at night. In the dark, she was like a walking flashlight, her fur reflecting any light present.

Talking with Sharon Callahan, a wonderful animal communicator I explained my concern for her. Lyra didn’t seem to understand that because of her coloring how this made her stand out. I told Sharon about Lyra. In trying to hide and get close to the ground, how her tail would go up like a neon flag and how she was easily spotted from above. Sharon seemed to get through to her and Lyra promised to stay close to the house where I could see her, stay out of danger, and she did.

Over the next two weeks I was astonished as Lyra’s coloring began to shift. This white kitty started to get color! A light tan began to emerge along her spine and her white tail began to get dark stripes. I was gobsmacked. Lyra liked her white coat, but she was practical and understood the danger she put herself in by being outside and so easily seen. She changed what she could to not put herself into unnecessary danger. The tan deepen and her tail completed the transformation with dark stripes.

Even though this happened years ago, I’m still amazed.