Calling Sweden is a new trend

Did you know that Sweden has acquired its own phone number? From now on, any person from any place of the world can dial a number +46771793336 and talk with a friendly minded Swede. This will be one of the people who downloaded a mobile app in order to speak with random foreigners and tell them anything they want about the country.

In Ringostat we’re very curious, so it was impossible for us to miss the possibility to call a randomly selected person and learn more about this extremely interesting place in the world.

Before calling we did some preparatory work and tried to find out everything that our team knows about this country. After playing a Jeopardy in office we composed the following list of knowledge:

  1. Sweden flag is blue and yellow.
  2. Swedish women are blondes.
  3. IKEA is a Swedish company.
  4. Swedish cinema is amazing.
  5. There’s an interesting Sweden crime drama television series “The Bridge”.

Not too much, isn’t it? Given the fact that our Front-End developer has lived in Sweden for 4 years. (OK, his knowledge wasn’t included to the sample).

So, the owner of our “lucky” number occurred to be a communicative and agreeable woman living in southern part of Sweden near the one of the largest cities called Malmö. We were struck by her perfect English and asked where she had learned it. It turned out that all foreign films, series and programs on Swedish TV are being broadcasted without translation and just with subtitles.

Our second question was about Swedish lifestyle. We were told that people there are very active and love sport. They enjoy taking long walks and jogging. Since Sweden is a country with a strong agricultural sector, there’re a lot of open spaces and other perfect places for outdoor activities. Moreover, the mountains situated in the North of the country are not only a perfect place for skiing, but also a popular hiking destination. This summer there will be a big festival, whose participants will have a 3 days and 40 kilometer adventure conquering the scenic trials.

We also found out that one Scandinavian mile and one American mile aren’t the same thing, because in the first one there’re 10 kilometers!

As the result, we were satisfied with the new experience, learned more about Sweden and were invited there for the holidays.

And what do you know about Sweden? What would you ask them?

This campaign was held in conjunction with 250th anniversary of censorship abolition in Sweden. The government hopes that it will also make a contribution to tourism development. And we believe that it’s true, because people from all around the world can find any information about the country from the first person, especially since Swedes speak perfect English.

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