Sunday evening I plopped on the sofa with my laptop and a big bowl of baked Brussels spouts. I gamed until my leftovers went cold and my right and left arrow buttons started to stick. I spent two hours taking out balloons with sharp darts and popping bubbles with a sick laser gun. Bloon Tower Defense and Bubble Trouble are two incredibly fun games that I haven’t played since the myspace age.




  1. Art therapy assists in recovery/ management for patients mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. I think the subject is worthy of exploration because it is a side-effect treatment that could benefit the entire population. Its intended to relieve stress and help individuals connect with and understand their emotions
  2. Dental hygiene is deceptively important. Yes, you may notice bad breath or plaque the morning after not brushing, but poor dental care can lead to problems as severe as heart disease. Exploration could lead to more convenient or fun ways of caring for teeth.
  3. Cooking utensils. If dinner prep time was drastically cut, the potential for healthy home-cooked meals would increase.


  1. Alarm Box
The alarm box is a electric pill box that beeps and buzzes until the correct lid is opened. It also features a digital screen.

2. Brush Ball

The brush ball is a robotic toothbrush that does all the brushing work for you. It rolls around the mouth carefully cleaning the tongue and teeth.

3. Nice Bite

Nice bite retainers track the number of hours worn with a digital display across the front teeth. This allows orthodontist to see how often patients are wearing their retainers.

4. Spray Lip Stain

Spray lip stain is an earosol lip color. It has a mouth-shaped cone for quick and precise application.

5. Emoji Stoplight

The emoji stoplight is designed to keep drivers interested and focused on the road by convincing them they are on their cell phones.

6. Plant Pack

Portable fresh oxygen. Perfect for a day exploring a polluted city.

7. Keurig Sandwich

Keurig sandwich machine, does all the hard work of making a sandwich for you.

8. Lights Out Pillow Case

The lights out pillow case has an eye mask stitched right in to block out any light.

9. Mood Necklace

Digital necklaces that display your mood to the public.

10. Hour Glass of Water

This hour glass-shaped water bottle prevents over hydration as well as makes for easy grip.
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