How Might We… increase independence for people with degenerative diseases?

My General Ideas:

New Warm-up Game: Noun Verb Pass

In Noun Verb Pass one person draws a noun card and reads the word aloud. The person left of the individual who drew the card then has to say a verb ending in “ing” that describes the noun. The third person then says a noun that is some how related to the verb. For example, the revealed noun card above reads “popcorn”. The second person in the sequence might say “popping”, the third could say “pop rocks”, then someone says “eating” and so on.This pattern is repeated and passed around the circle until someone gets suck. They then can draw a card from either deck and a new pattern begins.

Season Organization:

I organized a brainstorming session for Sunday at the Purple Onion, but with the Sunday brunch crowd, the meeting had a be moved to a friend’s house. The space was large and open, lots of sitting space (even thought the below photo suggests otherwise), and a big white wall perfect for posting our design.

I collected five individuals with varying backgrounds and level of knowledge on degenerative diseases to participate in the brainstorm:

*Jack is a business student with a basic understanding of degenerative diseases.

*Marianna is a nursing student that works part time as a CNA, caring for several individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s.

*Quinn is a film studies major that has volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house for 3 years. He has worked closely with several children, as well as their families, that have been diagnosed with degenerative diseases.

*Gale is a education major who also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald house in addition to a local primary school.

After Word Ball and Noun Verb Pass, we jumped into brainstorming. For 40 minutes we drew as many product ideas as we could think of. In total 71 ideas were created, giving the session a IPM of 0.3.

Sorting and Voting:

After 40 minutes of brainstorming. We collected all the ideas and posted them to a large, blank wall. We all snaked through one another silently creating eight groups: fun, eating, electronics, body, wheelchair redesigns, wheelchair accessories, memory, and parkinson’s. After everyone was content with the group divisions. I asked everyone to star four product ideas they found interesting. This resulted in 14 top ideas.

Top Ideas:

  1. Memory Buddy by Quinn

2. Parkinson Parka by Marianna

3. GPS Controlled Wheelchair by Jack

4. Paint Wheels by Jack

5. Body Roller by Nathan

6. Dress Me Bot by Quinn

7. Floor Pressure Elevator Buttons by Kira

8. The Spider by Jack

9. Mood Music Hearing Aids

10. Breakfast is the Most Important Meal by Marianna

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