Reminisce. Two.

This isn’t a continuation of the poems from the past that I planned on posting here. This is another bit of my writing from a little over a year ago, that I pulled up just now. I wrote this on the eve of my moving out of my parents’ house, the only home I had ever known, until then. Anyway, this is another piece of my mind from my past, so here it is, as a part of Reminisce.

Temples, music and dance. A state of high that was slowly waning, blurry edges sharpening up and giving way to the sounds of reality, as my mind was slowly picking up snatches of conversations and feelings among the cacophony of noise around me. That’s how I spent the evening of my last day in Chennai before leaving for the IndiGo training in Delhi.

As I walked on the stone floors of the age old temples of Mylapore, I was caught in a whirlwind of memories arising from the scent of the ‘kungumam’ and the ‘sandhanam’, from the taste of the ‘theertham’, and from the smell arising from the basil leaves adorning the stone sculptures, the “Gods”, who provide so much comfort to the countless people who come to pray.

To me, these smells and tastes are reminiscent of a time when I hadn’t yet formed an opinion on things such as religion, and I was simply whisked around to my fair share of temples by my mother and grandmother, who are strong believers in God. But today, I rarely visit temples, and I identify myself as being an agnostic person, someone who doesn’t believe in God but just in some kind of supreme power governing us, which I would like to think of to be mother nature.

Anyway, coming back to the point, going back to the temples today made me realise how much of a protective and closed environment I was raised in, and how, today, I am standing on a precipice, ready to fly free. It is a wonderful feeling, freedom. There are endless possibilties ahead, and a plethora of options for me to choose from. If one thing doesn’t work out, I can always try out something else, something new, because why not?

This is why I think practicing detachment is necessary for anyone’s self improvement/development. When you are attached to something or someone, you give it/them the power to hold you back from chasing something new that you want, even if they don’t consciously mean to. When you get attached to anything, you are creating a mental block in your mind. This block doesn’t let you let go of what you have had all along because of the fear of losing it, and because of the fear of the unknown possibilities that lie ahead. I, for one, take quite some pride in being good at detachment, which I learnt the hard way.

When you detach yourself from your surroundings, and that includes the people, habits, and even the things you use everyday, you find it much more easier to go in pursuit of other things which you want. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting something. Be materialistic, be focused on making money and gaining fame if thats what you want. You have one life to live, and one chance to make it good.

In today’s world, everybody talks about the problems in the world and about how we must care about it and do whatever we can about it. But what I think is, it is more than enough if you live your life just for yourself, the way you want, as long as you don’t put someone else in misery and add to the world’s never ending problems.

You might not be able to make huge changes to turn the world into a better place, but at least, you can very well not make it any worse than it already is.