Anywhere But Here

Without you…

I wasn’t tryna recalling those old memories back.

But, as I’m typing on my screen and putting off my feeling into words? Then I would say, I love airport.

I love airport so much!

It might be little bit overwhelming sometimes seeing people walk in and walk out through this place.

Then I can tell, joining the crowd has always been something which is successfully take off most of my energy.

But? Airport is kind of an exception.

For no exactly reasons that any introverts can’t explain.

The crowdedness that made by any airport that I’ve ever been to, leaves a totally different impression for me.

I’ve read people’s mind, thought, and feeling through the way they walk the way they hold their things or simply through hugs and kisses they’ve just given or received from others.

People comes and people leaves. Some of them seems excited. Well, some of them probably gets extremely sad tho.

Have you ever imagine how to say a nice hello and proper goodbye at once?

Bunch of loves spreading easily over here.

But lots of tears coming off through people eyes either.

Do you have any idea on how to hold your tears seeing your loved ones just heading to other places, countries or somewhere else without you?

Or? You might be the one who leaves and saying good bye then walk inside the gate on your own, looking out for your seat, putting on your seat belt, hearing those click sound, listened up to a quite long instructions, put your headphones on, play your favorite song, staring at the window, and patiently waiting the airplane to take off.

This how growing up might seems like…

Little bit scary sometimes

Uncomfortable at first

Confusing to death most of the times

Full of tenses and excuses

Much of pressure pressing your thought

lots of sweat streaming through your skin

Nervousness covered up your mind.

At the end when we’ve got no choices left? The only thing that we can do just…

Biting lips unconsciously, wishing everything gonna be alright.


Just be wherever you are

Take a deep breath.

Close your eyes and let God do the rest.


Whispering like…

I’m readyyyyyyyyy!!! here I flyyyyyyyyy!!!

Its always hard at the beginning.

Biggest power needed on this stage.

Then I wouldn’t say facing your fears is an easy thing to do.

But after all?

Its pretty amazing staying on the sky, seeing those beautiful clouds flying around.

Grab and read your favorite books.

Watch your favorite movies.

Draw whatever on a blank paper.

Then within the next few hours you’ll living your dream.

These giant machine such a big magic!

It will bring you to wherever you’ve never been to.

This world just too big to settle down. Move your ass and go somewhere else.

I was thinking sometimes…

I’ve got trouble on handling my thought when I’ve found myself staying on a high place.

I’m not going to say I hate height.

Because the fact?

I love flying so much!

I guess…

I’ve just haven’t been that highly skilled on controling my heart beat once I knew that I’ve just standing too far from the ground.

Leaving is fun.

Goodbye doesn’t feel that bad on this side.

But? How about those people that we left behind?

Do you guys think, they would be fine for losing you on their routines?



Of course

Not really

Not at all


I have no idea what I’m gonna say!

Am I mad?

Am I sad?

Am I scared?

Or what?

I don’t even know how it feels!

My sister move to Sydney for her further study I stay in Brisbane still. Then? Soon I’ll go back to Bali for good and I’ve lost her in my routines already.

We’ve been studying overseas for years.

We fight a lot!

We talk in silence.

We sharing things.

We’re totally different on our personality but looks way too similar.

Some people asking, are we twins?

If we lied, they believed.

Till they’ve got a chance to have a look on our paspport then they will know if we’ve got a different date of birth.

She is the most annoying person I’ve ever handled but…

My goddness.

I miss her already.

Here we go…

Goodbye feels pretty scary now.

But still? I love airport and soon? I’m leaving too.

Life changing.

Then? this how growing up might feels like.

Nothing last forever and at the end we walk our way on our own.

God bless you always 🙃

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