But, I Hate Goodbyes

Its not about life that is unfair. Its all just about how “life keep changing”.

People come and people go. But, I hate goodbyes.

Staring at people with a pair of blank eyes.

I’ve seen them walk passing through me with a kind of blurry vision.

This distractions always been my favorite night view.

Count the days down and I gotta leave soon.

Each hours that I have lost make me trouble breathing.

Since stays the same is boring while a change still sounds scary.

I couldn’t find a proper words to describe how I feel right now.




Even strangers

Walk over me



The next seconds just gone.

I’ve seen them once and I couldn’t find them again.

I’ve tried to put my eyes on further look, tryna hard to find what used to make me keep my eyes wide opened once they’re coming, but? still they dissapeared.

This is the way how life works.

I do really found it quite right right now. Each seconds matter and I would never get it back once after its gone.

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Each writter matter and every single thought which is successfully written down always seems beautiful. 💙💃

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