Untitled : JUMP! taste the ocean.



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The most wanted feeling that I do really love to catched up after finished on reading any kind of books is the way the writer gave their best perception about life or even just the way they have a look on something differently.

My recently favorite book that I’ve read lately has told me “I live my life not to please anyone. I do what I want. I wrote this book without any purpose. I wrote this book for my own happiness. Just because I do love writting then I did. I wrote this book not for you. Nor for the readers or my parent. I did it for myself, let it be my own excitement. If somebody like it, I must be glad. But, if somebody just don’t ? It doesn’t cost me anything to get paid back for.”

Such an awesome writer. Yes she does!

The only thing in life that I think might be exactly fit on me [just me] is live the life I’m living as who I am and spend it the way I want.

“Never walk on other people’s shoes, stop expecting other people’s life which would never ever fit on you. Cause, whats the best for your life is everything you got within yourself.”

Well, what I’ve been written the last previous and previous nights, to all the things which is still spinning in my mind while I haven’t got any best idea on how to describe it yet and write it down here right now. Give me one seconds to breath. Finally I do really sure and absolutely agree with her. Whatever has been written and what I’m going to write next after this one, another tittle for the next day, the night after ? Next week? Next month? Whenever. I do it for myself. For my own purpose. To clean up my own feeling and not to please anyone. Once I press the publish button and share it anywhere one thing that I’ve got in my mind. Somebody would probably impress, somebody judged, somebody admired, somebody loves it, somebody dislikes. That what I want to see and want to learn. This is just the another way to play out and make this life have such a sense of fun feeling. [ at least for me ]

How people act and have different characters. I meet new people every single day. Some of them happy some of them just don’t. Some of them really like smilling but some of them just keep on putting mad faces everytime. Some of them know exactly how to thank people but some of them just really really have no idea on how to say excuse me? Or just a little sorry.

This is what I love the most from my life. To all the things that I’ve been through I gave my best already, if I haven’t mastered anything yet up to this seconds well I still have chances and other opportunities to learn more and grew up better. We would never know how deep the sea as if we’ve never been jumped into it. We never know how to swim as if we’re just too scared to give the first single step to the seashore.

I used to have a traumatic disorder about the sea. The wave used to grab me fast and bring me further inside the ocean then fortunately, even if its extremely hurt, I’ve been so lucky. I’ve just get stucked in the middle of a big rock while both of my legs bleeding profusely. The next few minutes my friends have realized that I’ve just lost and help me out. But it was fun. I’ve been cried while laughing when some people try to treat my feet.

It’s been few years ago since those moment. Now I’m living in Surfers Paradise. It just the way too close to the beach! For the first and second month since my staying here I didn’t want to taste the sea. Scared enough, I thought. But? I have asked myself. “Don’t you feel bored of getting scared for something? While you have it right now? Over here? Close to you? The place where everyone want to see. Why didn’t you try one more time? It would be fun. Accept what has done its all done. God gave you the second chance, it would probably easier.” I’ve pushed myself harder just to have a look and getting closer to the seashore. Then? The moment I felt the water touched on my feet it was so damn cold! I do really like it. And again I thank myself, my mind, my heart, my soul, and my body for being good enough for my life. We’ve been through so many things together. Still wishing the good thing ahead but keep doing the better thing everyday.

: )