When Everyones Gone

INTROVERTS Safe Their Life on Their Own…

It’s really beneficial being an introverts. Since your thought and your own feeling are the most important ingredient needed.

No need other people existence.

We’re totally different with how extroverts behave.

Being around people make them happy and energized.

I wasn’t mean to say extrovert’s happiness depend on how many people they’ve got around them.

It doesn’t work that way.

Whats going on on me lately is, I have left by mostly everyone in my routines.

I was lucky enough was born as an introverts.

Especially when everyone just gone.

I safe my life on my own.

I love being alone rather than join the crowd.

Even most of the times, other people perhaps draining my energy for no exactly reason.

But if I can’t control it right.

Like how I used to be.

I fight my self a lot! A lot!

I was a fool before, for not knowing that I can control how my feeling work or how the way I feel simply by changing my perspective rather than tryna hard changing the circumtances.

“Fighting the reality damage your brain! Trust me, you’ll never win!“

We have to admit it, if there is a bigger power in this world which drive something into reality. It’s beyond our control. Can’t be change just able to be accepted the way it is.

Fighting reality that is never would probably ever change like the way I want it be by letting my negative thoughts spinning out of control on me slowly killing me.

“I’ve been asking for help everywhere then I found it now, books always been my best medicine. Books is my savior”

Controling your thought and shape it into feeling might be really hard at first. Then who says on loving yourself harder is an easy thing to do?

I’ve read a lots of books! Any self help, growth, personal development, happiness, relationship and sort of the things.

But still, sometimes the circumtances just seems bigger than my power.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s okay to be not okay.

It’s okay being not that highly skilled on controlling your thought.

It’s okay to be miserable.

It’s okay to be alone.

It’s okay to keep learning.

And it’s okay to let them go.

It’s okay

And it’s okay.

: )