Hey, Baby Boomers: Our Narcissism Is YOURS To Own Up To.

I mean… you raised us. Your generation owns media and consumer culture. We didn’t create the selfie, or the front-facing camera, or celebrity culture, or reality shows, or expensive coffee brands to show off, or the concept of the “start-up.” You guys taught us that we’re all smart and our opinions are valid and we’ll all do well and get into great colleges and become rich oone day.

I literally don’t know what else to tell you guys. All we’re asking for you is to shut the f**k up about this whole “narcissistic generation” thing and let us suffer from #MillennialProblems and make mistakes and live on or whatever without your bickering about how we were raised wrong.

That’s on you guys.

(P.S. At least we learned how to be nice, so thanks for that, I guess.)

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