What is BI ?

BI means Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is a technical process for analyzing data and information to help corporate executives, business manager, and end user to make appropriate business decisions. BI has a wide variety of BI tools, applications and methodology for collecting data from an internal or external system.

BI is prepared for developing and run queries against the data, create report and data visualization to make analytical results available to decision makers. The Benefits of BI programs include improving decision-making, optimize business process and to get competitive advantages over business rivals. BI combines a broad set of data analysis applications, online analytical processing(OLAP), mobile BI, operational BI, open source BI and location intelligence.

BI Usage :

1.Business Operations Reporting



4.Multidimensional analysis

5.Finding co-relation among different factors

BI tools :

1. Sisense

2. Domo

3.IntelliFront BI



6.Style intelligence etc..