Data Consolidation Process in MDM Hub Console


Today we will discuss about Data Consolidation process in case of Match and Merge in MDM Hub Console. To begin with the process description it is important to first understand the following:

Base Object : A base object is a table containing consolidated data for an entity. Each base object consists of system columns and user-defined column. Common system columns include ROWID_OBJECT, CONSOLIDATION_IND, and LAST_UPDATE_DATE. The base object represents the Best Version of the Truth.

Cross Reference Tables : Cross-Reference (XREF) Tables track the source system cells which contributed to the data in the user defined columns of a base object.. Each base object has a Cross-Reference (XREF) Table associated to it .

Trust Levels : Trust levels are defined for a base object or source data. It represents the level of confidence in the accuracy of data contained in a cell. It is indicated as percentage.

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