When I was re-branding my own blog, the very first day I did not expect any organic traffic. But the next day, when I checked my Google Analytics, was surprised to see there are a lot of visits. I realized that they are all my own direct visits while I was updating my blog. So next time onwards I don’t need to track my own visits in Google Analytics

If your reports are not accurate, it will not help you analyse your website. So you want to make sure all the traffic to your blog is from real users.

How to Stop Tracking Your Own IP in Google Analytics


Websites Powered by Drupal.

Drupal content management is capable of building large scale websites of the modern world. In this post, I’ve mentioned some of the top Drupal websites specially made for Sports category including the 2016 Rio Olympics website by NBC.

So here you go the list of websites that powered by Drupal.

NBC Olympics

NBC Sports

Most of the people will start with their blog/website with free BlogSpot. Also, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website. Technically storage is not completely unlimited, but we have other options to play with to overcome this storage.

And Blogspot will have the domain like yourblog.blogspot.com. So why we need to have a custom domain?. Usually, Blogspot is often overrun by spammers.

  • Usually, Blogspot is often overrun by spammers.
  • When you present your domain in social media, its is better to have a domain name.
  • When talking about credibility most websites don’t like Blogspot links to backlink.

Complete Guide to Setup BlogSpot With your Custom Domain Name on Godaddy


The discussion about whether HTML5 will render Flash obsolete has been ongoing for some time now, and at the time of writing, Flash still has a place both in web design and game development. However, we can follow the progress of HTML5 development through online games. Currently, the graphics and effects are lagging behind Flash game development, but the gameplay is pretty much on par.

Here we have collected a selection of 30 addictive HTML5 games — which took a long time to compile because they are addictive and difficult to leave once you are playing!

Addictively Engrossing HTML5 Games

Lux Ahoy
In this game…

What is image hotlinking and how to prevent it?

Image hotlinking — It is someone directly taking the URL from your server and embedding it on their website. It’s kind of image stealing, but most importantly losing your bandwidth. Usually, you have to pay for the server bandwidth. When someone hotlinking the image in their website, it will look like the image is serving from their server. In fact, is serving from your server. Every time the image load on another website, it cost us bandwidth.

So we need to prevent it, I would suggest using .htaccess in apache server.

Step 1. Create .htaccess

1) Lazy Load

Lazy load plugin uses jQuery.Sonar to only load an image when visible to the viewport. It is one of the easiest plugins to deal with just need to install and activate, as it has zero configurations. It saves your server’s bandwidth in good amount.

2) WP Parallel Loading System

This plugin will boost loading time of your blog. How does the plugin works is it will virtualize the connections through defined subdomains as you like. So when a page loads browser will have access to different subdomains to download the image. In this way, the image content downloads parallelly to the browser from different subdomains.

3) CW Image Optimizer

So far jQuery one of the javascript libraries dominated the web development area. One can say without any doubt its the most trusted tool for development. But these days jQuery library size exceeds more than 250 KB. It seems ridiculous when search engines are giving priority for website speed. jQuery framework gained more popularity than any of its competitors.

For those who interested, there is a new player called Umbrella JS.

Why Umbrella JS?

Umbrella Js is also completely open source and giving the same features like jQuery element selectors, DOM manipulation and AJAX operations.

The biggest advantage is its size, you won’t…

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