Skills that make a Beginner Data Scientist Hireable


Driven by the craze over the Data Science field & possibly a fat paycheck have made a considerable amount of people to build a career in this respective domain. But unfortunately, there are still numerous aspirants who are not certain of the skills required to perform excellently as a Data Scientist.

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Being a Data Scientist is a dream of many but it takes a lot to conquer that dream. A complete skill set is needed to acquired to be one and here’s everything that makes you perfect for the role of a Data Scientist.

Top Data Science Projects that you must try at least once

Taking this into account, here are all the top technical as well as non-technical skills required by a Data Scientist.

ML Project on Detection of Parkinson’s Disease with Python


Being a Python Developer I have always heard about its application in all the latest technological advancements going on around the world. This always fascinated me and I’ve felt encouraged to delve into the details of how it is done.

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Coincidentally, I heard news about one of my relatives suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and how their doctors were unable to diagnose it in the earlier stages.

Some of the Most Challenging Python Projects

This is where I got the idea for my next adventure with Python. I decided to build a system that could detect Parkinson’s Disease quite easily. …

Everything about the upcoming version of R Programming


R programming language’s latest update R 3.6.3 was released on February 29, during the celebration of the language’s 20th anniversary of its release. Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman had released R 1.0 on 29th February 2000.

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R 3.6.3 is now available to download for Windows, Linux, and Mac and is most likely the last update in the R 3.0 series. R 4.0 is expected to be released in the coming month of April that could possibly be delayed courtesy to the horrific pandemic Corona Virus.

Top R Programming Projects handpicked by industry experts

What is new in R 3.6.3?

R has shown tremendous growth in the last 20 years. It has been a pioneering language for data science in the past two decades and neither R nor the R community seems to be slowing down. …

Why is slowness not a big issue for Python programmers?

According to a ranking published by the analyst firm RedMonk, Python climbed from third place to second in the latest ranking of programming language popularity.”


Python has come a long way from the day it was authored and since then, it is constantly witnessing an unbelievable growth both in terms of popularity and performance. It has become the fastest-growing programming language on the planet, leaving behind all the other programming languages.

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Python, evidencing an improbable growth despite being slow, has always remained the talk of the town.

Utilize your time to learn the Top Programming Language on the Planet


More than half of the world is locked down and people across the globe are fear-stricken while being in quarantine, credits to China for gifting the world a horrific pandemic the COVID-19.

Because self-isolation is the only way to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

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But in reality, locked up in homes and practicing self quarantine for a lot of days is actually annoying. And if you are really in search of doing something really productive then you’ve finally landed on the right article.

The best way to be highly productive is learning Python Programming. It would surely be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. …

Why is ‘R’ so underrated?


I have been a professional as well as a hobbyist Data Scientist for a good while now. It is not uncommon in any field that a beginner might choose a tool that does not suit them very well.

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Therefore, I believe that the reason I chose R when I started as a Data Scientist is not that important. I think the reason I stuck to using R for Statistics and Data Science holds much more value.

The key to unlock the safe of Data Science

So, today I am going to enlighten you about the reasons I still prefer R as my go-to tool for Data Science.

But firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way.

Kotlin is outshining Java for Android Development


Switching from Java to Kotlin in Android development sounds interesting, isn’t it? Okay, do you switch from old phone to new? Obviously yes. By that, you can easily understand why we switch from an existing phone to a new phone. Even if not, the reason is, the new phone comes up with some advanced features.

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Similar is the case when we talk about Java and Kotlin for Android Development. You know right, what Java is.
Now we’ll see what Kotlin is and what are the new exciting features that it has got to overtake Java.

What makes Android the best OS?

So, in this article, we’ll see why Kotlin is gaining popularity these days, also, we’ll see why you as an Android Developer must switch from Java to Kotlin. …

Reasons why learning Java is still worth it

“Java isn’t platform-independent; it is a platform.”


There’s no denying the fact that the last few years have been the years of Python. The dominance Python has had in these years doesn’t require any recognition. Programming aspirants these days are crazy for learning Python.

Though Java once had the same craze among the programmers and believe me, it still has got some dominance to prove to the IT world.
This might be the era of Python, but Java hasn’t lost its worth at all.

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Often we find ourselves in a dilemma of which programming language is going to prove itself long-lasting and is going to shape our career in many ways. …

9 Critical Concepts of Python for a Beginner

The canonical, “Python is a great first language”, elicited, “Python is a great last language!”
- Noah Spurrier


The one programming language that is currently ruling the IT world is undoubtedly Python. The dominance Python has had in the IT sector for the past few years has left a great impression on all the programmer's communities across the globe. And not to your surprise, Python will have the same impact for many more years to come.

Be it Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many more, Python has been at the heart of all these fascinating fields.

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And if you’re willing to learn Python, then I will congratulate you because you’re thinking in the right direction.
Python programmers are currently among the professionals that are in high demand and are highly paid as well. …

See How Top Retail Companies of the World are benefitted by Big Data


Big Data has already impacted different domains quite significantly and hence gained special attention across the globe. Big Data has its footprints in almost all the top organizations of the world. In the same way, Retail Industry has been also got influenced by this technology which in turn considered now as a paradigm shift.

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The results the retail industry has observed through Big Data analytics are no less than a revolution. The retail companies are now more and more diverted towards Big Data. And why not, Big Data is providing them with solutions that were once beyond anyone’s expectations.

Add luxury to your career with Big Data


The retail industry is hugely based on the customer’s behavior, reviews, decisions, and understanding. Big Data can help retailers to understand their customers by tracking their transactions, browsing behavior, preference for specific products, shopping trends, and social media habits. …


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