We all know how the story ends.

Blessing and Banes

I come up with a lot of ideas and I’m great at making a plan.

I’d like you to meet my blessings and my Banes. If I use them to my advantage, they can be blessings on blessings on blessings. BUT, if I let them control me (which is oft the case) they become the Banes to my existence.

My Idea lifecycle goes something like this:

  1. *Ding* Idea. Ooo Pweety.
  2. Obsessively Plan.
  3. *Hammer & drill sounds* Build.
  4. (Only if i’m really feelin’ myself) Launch.
  5. *Yawn* I’m Bored.
  6. Repeat.

Ideas are awesome. Many would kill to have them. Well, maybe not kill, but pay large sums of money to have the good ones. I just so happened to be blessed with a brain that produces a multitude of them (good, bad, and darn right intelligent ones 🤓 if I do say so myself). So, what’s the problem? I get hyperfocused on an idea simply because I lack the ability to say no to myself. I create elaborate plans for said idea, maybe launch it, then on to the next. I tell myself that I don’t “like” the thing enough to dedicate more to it (which isn’t true in most cases). My struggle has never been getting started but it is in maintaining them. Diagnose this as you will but let it be known, I don’t care for labels.

Something that Gary Vaynerchuk has hacked that I would like to emulate is, doubling down on strengths. Maximize the heck out of them strengths humannn. Yo’ life will thank you.

My personal hack is to publicly document every one of these ideas & plans. And whatever will be, will be.

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