Façade and Insecurities

What if I tell you that space isn’t the thing that we needed the most?

What if I tell you that the only thing we need is solitude in our own decision and a bit of faith in us. If you put too much space in your heart, it will be filled with doubt, uncertainties and regrets. Dark things will start crawling inside your mind. Cold wind will start blowing from one pole to another in your heart. You will begin to breakdown, doubting everything you used to believe. When you come to this conclusion, your partner could do everything he/she can but it will still mean nothing. You are the only one who can save yourself from drowning in the dark open sea.

Some people, including me, never show doubts and insecurities on our face. It’s not because I don’t know how to show them, it’s just because I understand that even though I showed it to other people, they won’t be too much of a help anyway. So I always keep it inside, until one lonely night where I can’t stand it anymore, I write it all.

I’m really grateful because God has given me a passion to write things and have a little bit talent in that area. I know some of my colleagues who have lot of insecurities but they can’t express it in any way. They don’t show it on their faces and they also can’t write it either because they think they don’t have talent for it.

This insecurities and doubts are really dangerous for anyone. It could lead to an acute depression.

We all know that depression is bad and it could affect anyone from any age. Insecurities are loud, but it’s louder inside the owner’s head. You can never know what is happening inside someone else’s head. I might be smiling, laughing and throwing some jokes at you, but do you know that deep inside I’m screaming?

Do you know that deep inside, despite all the façade I put, I’m just that one little kid who wants to cry but I can’t because it will makes me look weak?