While You Weren’t Looking Facebook Improved Your News Feed Experience

Your Facebook news feed has an ocean of information and every day your stock of images, videos and GIFs keep piling up. Then how does Facebook ensure that your life events and memes spark conversations, are read more and shared extensively? This is done with a new UI update in the Facebook app that makes your content and conversation easy to browse and fluid to use.

Ease in Conversing

Comments are the new communication channel for the online generation so it’s implied that attention must be paid on it’s effectiveness. Keeping mind your need to communicate your message clearly and making the conversation more lively and passionate, Facebook has come up with some changes. Like it has made direct replies more prominent ensuring your comments feel more singled out in the thread.

Ease in Readability

The upgrades made to enhance readability of posts in news feed are worth looking at-

  • Improved typography legibility by heightened color contrast.
  • Bigger preview of links for better readability.
  • Enlarged Like, Comment and Share icons for ease of tapping.
  • Profile pictures in round canvas to identify the commenter or poster distinctly.

Ease in Navigation

Making navigation seamless is always a challenge, but Facebook executes it with class-

  • Preview the link destination before clicking on the link.
  • Go back to news feed with minimal yet impactful back icon.
  • Comment, read or interact knowing whose post it is with name and profile picture clearly visible.

Don’t Worry About Your Page

A few cosmetic changes have improved the experience of browsing Facebook by making it simpler and good looking. And don’t worry, your page’s influence or traffic won’t be affected.