Don’t Let Comparison Kill Your Joy

Over the course of my time here on earth, it would seem that my observations on myself and of others, when it comes to insecurities a lot of the time lead back to one tiny, but significant obstacle- COMPARISON.

Now actually thinking about it, when was the last time you compared yourself to another person or even compared your life or circumstance to another’s? If you’re truthful to yourself, the answer will probably be, not that long ago, and I mean who can blame you! Every single day we are bombarded with messages being sent directly to our brains on how we should look, think, act, what we should be wearing, the type of language we should be using, that it becomes near enough impossible for us to feel accepted or ‘normal’ if you aren’t following the latest trend, and in this day and age it would seem, that can be ANYTHING!

There is a dark side to constant comparison, because sometimes there comes a time when we as people want more, and it’s so easy to feel secluded, left out and shunned if you step out of the box that’s been made for us all and wish for something different. It would seem that as time goes on, its not the fashion or trend to just be- yourself! And it seems that it’s becoming easier to get labeled ‘wrong’ if we choose another way. Are we forgetting the importance of our own joy and path? Are we missing the vital ingredients of the makeup of our whole existence? Are we teaching the next generation to come that the only choice left is to become a robot? By us molding into one ourselves.

• When comparing, understand where it comes from and replace the fearful thought with a more empowered one.

• Become comfortable enough with yourself and focus on all the wonderful things that make you, as a person.

• Try not to concentrate so hard on others. Learn to be able to take a compliment that is about who you really are inside, and give out more compliments helping others authentic glow flourish. Look inside yourself and start to feel proud about flaunting your soul’s best assets, because no one can do you, better than you!

• When finding yourself comparing, learn to identify where the comparison is coming from and begin to identify any unhealthy patterns and find a new way of replacing those thoughts.

A comparison is made up of fear, a fear that we aren’t good enough, and that we cant meet the standards that society places on us. By bowing down to what others think we should do, and live our lives, we shouldn’t be bowing down to fear, we are so much more than that! If only we stopped looking around so much, and looked within we would find so much more to be happy with, than what we need to change.

Thank you so much for reading, keep striving for greatness!

Peace, Love & Light and a very happy new year, embracing the power of YOU!

Ri x