If that is how they choose to enact their freedom of choice, then who are you to come waltzing…
Ess Bradford Davis

I didn’t say all masculine people are dickheads. I said that there are dickheads that are masculine, and there is a clear distinction.

These problem arises because they don’t let others do whatever they want with their fingernails. They take umbrage with displays of deviance (perhaps because it undermines their value?), and they make it very, very known.

Doing something as simple as painting my nails has given grounds for this kind of person to have aggression towards me. Endlessly. And it’s exhausting.

People are allowed the freedom of choice, but if that choice is at the expense of others, then yes, it absolutely is a problem. If you think this article is about my beef with men not wearing nail polish, you clearly didn’t read it. 
And if you’re getting offended by cherry picked snippets of what I’ve typed, perhaps you have more to take away from the whole article than you think.

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